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What is it about projects like Crypto Punks and BAYC that keeps them at the forefront of the NFT space. This is not a summary of why NFT's are valuable. This is insight into commonalities between successful projects and the marketing principles they employ that you can also leverage to succeed.

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Strong Brand

Succesful NFT projects have a distinguished and clear brand. Ignore the fact that as of today most popular NFT projects have been brutally ripped off over and over again, when they first started they had strong brands that made it possible for communities to connect with what they were doing. This was demonstrated through striking, novel or unique visuals and a clear and interesting story.

Great Communication

The best NFT projects practice transparent and consistent communication. Whilst the crypto space is a mysterious one and founders aren't always public figures they are open about their mission, vision and where the project is going. This helps build trust which is essential for community building.

Thriving Communities

Communities don't develop over night, it takes a lot of relationship building and communication however this is a time and effort investment that pays off over and over again for successful project founders as the best communities are full of advocates who push the projects and build the momentum. Popular projects have communities that can be found raiding the mentions of celebrities to gain traction, petitioning marketplaces for verification. Getting a community of buyers who believe in your project can be the making of it.

Influence via Utility

Many successful NFT projects do more than just sell jpegs, they provide utility. An invite to an exclusive event, a gamified experience or even commercial rights. When an NFT provides some form of access or experience this turns ordinary buyers into influencers and word of mouth is one of the oldest and most effective forms of organic marketing. Utility delivers ample opportunity for people to share their experiences and promote the project.

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