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Step 1: Make sure you understand what an NFT’s is.

Step 2: Choose the platform to sell & Mint your NFT on

"Minting an NFT is how your digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain–a public ledger that is unchangeable and tamper-proof." - Guide to Minting, Foundation

Step 3: Set up a wallet

Consider the following when selecting a wallet:

  1. Supports different devices

  2. Works where you want to sell (marketplaces like Open Sea)

  3. Works across different blockchains

  4. You find it user friendly

Read about the Best NFT’s Wallets >

Step 4: Connect your wallet

Depending on what platform you are selling on the connection process can differ here are a few guides. on how to connect your wallet to different marketplaces

  1. Opensea Link

  2. Rarible Link

  3. Foundation App Link

The process is very similar across Marketplaces, you use your wallet to login and Wallet connect is usually the easiest way to do this.

Step 5: List your NFT for sale

Again this process can differ from platform to platform. Usually you have to do this inside the marketplace website and can set it up as an auction or a buy it now item. You will be able to set your price and will finalise through your wallet. See guides for popular marketplaces.

  1. Listing on Opensea

  2. Listing on Rarible

  3. Listing on Foundation

Listing your NFT’s will incur a gas fee, this is what you pay to the developers who mint it onto the blockchain. This can vary but some blockchains are pricier than others for example Ethereum can cost hundreds of dollars.


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