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Step 1: Develop a strong brand

Brand feels synonymous with visuals and logos, however this is not the only thing to consider.

Your Brand is all of the ways in which you communicate what you want to stand for, to the people you want to target.

Step 2: Understand your audience

Already there are so many different types of NFT buyers, have you considered who you want to target? Learning all you can about your audience isn't optional as you will need this info to penetrate through a saturated market.

Step 3: Position Your Project

Once you know your audience as well as you know yourself, you can understand what NFT's mean to them and answer the question "Why do they buy?" Once you know this, you can position your NFT project as being the project they've been looking for.

Some Great Examples

World Of Women

A collection that focuses on representations and equality. Owning a WOW NFT grants you commercial royalties and access to prints. The collection also contributes to a fund centred around supporting artists in the NFT’s space so there is an altruistic kick that comes with owning, a very strong utility play and very meaningful of course!

The Modz Kids

A collection of baby hype beasts the community backing this project are extremely active frequently participating in social raids to drive engagement and awareness for the project.

OG Crystals

A "generative art" NFT that evolves with every sale. The crystal you purchase becomes a new version of itself after sale and this gasified and interactive NFT experience resulted in the collection completely selling out.


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