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Cutting through the noise of a saturated market is no easy feat. You are competing with thousands of other NFT projects to win the interest of random strangers on the internet, where do you even begin?

What if they weren't strangers?

Failing to collect audience information is easily the most critical oversight of NFT projects that fail. It is universally true that not prioritising audience insights means that businesses, brands and NFT projects alike will miss the mark when it comes to connecting with audiences in an authentic and meaningful way. The art won't do it all for you, cutting through the noise relies on you striking an authentic chord with your buyer and if you don't understand who they are, how could you possibly appeal to them?

Above: GM Assholes by Moxarrarare

Questions to consider:

  • What are your audience's NFT needs?

  • How does your NFT project meet that need?

  • Who do they trust in the NFT space and why?

  • What Not projects do they invest in and why?

  • What do they value in NFTs and also in life?

  • Who are they in the world demographically?

  • What are their passions, values and motivations outside of the NFT’s world?

These are some tough questions to answer, how can you go about finding these things out?

  1. Surveys: This can be a long-winded and somewhat arduous process but it is critical to gather insights and data you can act upon.

  2. Interviews: Twitter is full of NFT thought leaders, take one for a coffee in the Metaverse, you might make a new friend and get some valuable insight.


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