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Buying NFT's requires a crypto Wallet. Managing a crypto wallet requires knowledge about safety and making the right choice is critical for your success. We've compiled recommendations and tips to help you chose.

Consider the following when selecting a wallet:

  1. Supports different devices

  2. Works where you want to shop (marketplaces like Open Sea)

  3. Works across different blockchains

  4. You find it user friendly

What are the best NFT Wallets

A well known and popular option, allows you to set up multiple addresses so you can store your crypto and NFT's in separate places. It was developed by Consenys (Blockchain tech company founded by Joseph Lubin who is also a co-founder of Ethereum) and works across multiple devices.

The wallet of the crypto exchange service Coin base, this wallet is an easy starting point for many as they use coin base to purchase the crypto they'll be buying NFT's with. It also makes transfers easier as you can send to user names rather than just the long winded addresses that contain random letters and numbers.

A user friendly wallet with integrated links to popular Not marketplaces, Trust wallet is a strong contender in the mobile wallet category. This option is however only available on mobile.


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