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Liensue, a 26-year-old German creator, has turned her lifelong passion for cosplay into a lucrative career on platforms like OnlyFans. Since childhood, she has been crafting costumes inspired by her favorite TV shows and manga characters, immersing herself in the vibrant world of conventions. However, when she entered university, the financial demands of her studies and daily expenses threatened to curb her creative ambitions.

"Cosplay is one of the most expensive hobbies you can have if you want to do it right," Liensue shared, emphasizing the need for high-quality costumes. Determined to continue her creative journey, she ventured into social media, starting an Instagram page and opening a Patreon account. But it was the onset of the pandemic that led her to discover the potential of OnlyFans. In her first month on the platform, Liensue made over $1,000, signaling the start of a remarkable journey.

Between January 2022 and September 2023, she generated an impressive $450,000 in net revenue on OnlyFans, even after accounting for the platform's 20% share. However, OnlyFans is just one facet of Liensue's income stream. She operates an e-commerce shop on Gumroad, generating approximately $130,000 in revenue. Additionally, recognizing her predominantly German fan base, she joined local subscription platforms like 4based and Best Fans, with 4based alone contributing $155,000 to her earnings.

Liensue's success on OnlyFans revolves around subscriptions and personalized messaging, with two distinct accounts – one free and the other priced at $10 for the initial 30 days, later increasing to $20. While the free account boasts sneak peeks and insights into her life, the paid account offers a deeper, more intimate connection with over 600 devoted fans.

Remarkably, Liensue's content is characterized by its risqué nature without the inclusion of nudity. She focuses on the art of teasing, leaving space for imagination while maintaining a strong erotic element. Her substantial following on Instagram (50,000) and TikTok (over 20,000) serves as a catalyst, directing fans to her exclusive subscription content. Liensue invests both time and money into her craft, viewing herself more as an artist than a content creator. Crafting a single costume can cost over $1,000, in addition to expenses related to professional photoshoots and meticulous editing.

Personality and engagement are cornerstones of Liensue's success. On OnlyFans, she blends her artistic content with glimpses into her daily life, forging deeper connections with her fans. She creates long-form videos exclusively for her subscribers, ranging from $50 to $200 to view. Most notably, Liensue dedicates a significant portion of her time to one-on-one interactions with fans, without explicit content. Instead, she offers personalized experiences, including roleplays inspired by manga or video-game characters, often without fixed rates, allowing fans to tip as they see fit. Some fans have even become close friends, one of them going the extra mile to build and deliver a desk to her personally.

In Liensue's words, "Building a personal connection I think is the most important thing." It's this connection, along with her artistry and dedication, that has propelled her to financial success in the world of cosplay and content creation.


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