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The NFT space is noisy and saturated, it is hard for consumers to pick a project out of the thousands vying for their attention. A strong brand and messaging will set you apart. Getting your messaging right can be tricky, the crypto space is full of mystery and that makes it hard to gain trust. If you don't have an audience in NFTs and are trying to build one you need to talk that talk. Impactful messaging will help you position your NFT as a valuable purchase in your audience's mind. There are three key things to write down and share to help you win over buyers.

1: Talk about who you are and what motivates you

People don't like NFTs necessarily, they like what an NFT can do for them ie ROI or what it says about them, just like any status symbol. When making a purchase, the NFT buyer wants to connect with a strong reason why. When you share your story, your motivations your ambition you start to give buyers the necessary context to know whether they can trust you and also if your brand aligns with their values and objectives. If they are trying to flip for a profit they want to know that you are a motivated and ambitious project owner who will keep driving towards success. If they want a beautiful status symbol they want to know that you are a dedicated and meticulous artist who puts a lot of energy and love into their work. Think about and write down your reason why and how you can align that with your buyer's.

2: Talk about the value of your NFT Project

What will a buyer gain from investing, do you see your collection going to the moon? Explain why. Think also about how the utility of your NFT collection might have a positive effect. Explain the key benefits in detail so your buyers have something yo justify their purchase. Make it hard for them to walk away from the purchase.

3: Mirror your audience

We are naturally drawn to those who are similar to us. Study your audience to understand how you can create messaging and a tone of voice that reflects them. Assimilating is a powerful way to connect and build trust.


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