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The process of ensuring your NFT project not only stands out in a crowd but stays fixed in the mind of your buyer is rooted in effective positioning. A striking image isn't enough to drive sales, a 30 second scroll on Superrare will show you that the NFT’s space is not short of stunning and interesting art. For you to be unforgettable to your audience you need to make an impact.

What is positioning?
Positioning refers to the place that a brand occupies in the minds of your audience and how it is distinguished from other NFT projects.

Just know that upon encountering your artwork, a buyer is going to try to find out more about you as the artist or project owner and the digging they do needs to return positive results. You don't want them to red through a basic bio, scroll a lacklustre twitter profile and paw through a drab discord, making a meaningful connection is critical.

If you are an artist who creates 1/1 creations focus on telling a compelling story about yourself, your inspiration and your passion. If you are a project owner selling entire collections think about how to break through the facade of being another generic project and becoming something more.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Who is your NFT’s project for?

  • What specific element of your NFT project are you positioning?

  • What are you positioning against?

  • What is the purest benefit you have to offer to the customer?

Who is your NFT’s project for?

Understanding your audience will empower you to communicate messaging and develop a tactical approach that resonates with them. This cannot be stressed enough, without audience insights you have nothing.

What specific element of your NFT project are you positioning?

When you understand what is important to your audience you can highlight how your NFT collection speaks to this. Think about the story you want to tell, if there is utility involved or perhaps a cause behind what you are doing. Uncover what matters to your audience and out it at the forefront.

What are you positioning against?

As important as it is to gather what your audience likes, it's critical to know what they don't. In doing so you can develop positioning that communicates the way your NFT collection aligns with the values of your audience. Positioning against can look like taking a verbal stance in your messaging against certain issues or it can look like adjusting your tone of voice in your copy to match the style and focus of your key demographics. For example World of Women positioning against inequality and therefore focus on equality and representation in their messaging.

What is the purest benefit you have to offer to the customer?

This is key, getting to the core of what someone benefits from buying into your NFT’s collection is key and it isn't as simple as "its an investment opportunity" or a dope pfp. People need more motivation, get to the core of how you can communicate the roof benefit, perhaps it is more about status and exclusivity or belonging and community.

It is very important to get something as foundational as positioning right before adopting the headless chicken approach and spamming your collection in countless twitter threads. When you have a robust strategy built on carefully thought out positioning you can be more selective about what you do and get better ROI.


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