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In 2019, the total revenue of Hermès worldwide amounted to about 6.88 billion euros. HERMES have positioned themselves as the ultimate in exclusivity, quality, luxury and refinement and customers believe them.

Source: Fth Avenue Girl

HERMES have succeeded by consistently communicating about their artisanal production process and combined that with limited availability. This story of handcrafted opulence and rarity has become the brand's battle cry. They embody exclusivity and leverage this reputation to drive more demand.

“We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product”.

- Jean-Louis Dumas, FORMER CEO of Hermes

They've prioritised remaining true to these roots and leveraged this to build messaging, brand personality and values that appeal to their super luxury consumer. Their consumer is a group of individuals who value exclusivity and rarity alongside superior quality. HERMES has positioned themselves as the ultimate status symbol and ensured this remains true by restricting access to their products and always delivering the exceptional.

Key Takeaways


Define your brand's key values for example quality vs affordability.


Make sure these values are aligned to your customer's needs.


Take those values and build your brand messaging, content and customer journey around them.


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