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What can we learn from Hanifa's founder Anifa Mvuemba?

Be Innovative

Mvuemba took over headlines and achieved global acclaim for Hanifa when she presented her digital Fashion show which went viral. This has not been done before in this way and many brands have since followed suit.

Be Authentic & Share Your Story

The name Hanifa means "true believer" in arabic. Mvuemba says that the name “speaks to the essence of the brand, and my belief in God to guide me and create collections that go beyond the clothing.” This resonates with her audience, women who own their spirituality and power.

Everything Doesn't Have To Be Perfect, Just Start

Hanifa started after Mvuemba was inundated with orders after sharing a Birthday dress she had made for herself.The brand came after the demand, which was possible because she made a start.


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