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Martech, short for marketing technology is shrouded in a fog of myths and falsehoods that keep the small business owners that need it, in a state of constant confusion and in some cases total avoidance.

What is Martech:

Martech is the name given to marketing technology tools that help businesses automate, manage and scale their advertising, content creation, social media management, customer relationship management, commerce, sales and data.

Popular Martech tools for small businesses include:

  • Communication: Zoom & Slack

  • Customer management: Hubspot, Salesforce or Zoho

  • Social media management: Hootsuite or Buffer

  • Website creation: Wix, Shopify or Squarespace

  • Email Automation: Mailchimp, Hubspot or Marketo

  • Digital Advertising: Facebook Business Suite, Google Ads or Adroll

  • Creative & Design: Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Wix,

  • Collaboration & Project Management: Google Drive, Trello or Airtable

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, Moz or Ahrefs

We've debunked the most common Martech myths so you can start building a tech stack that serves your business and helps you generate more revenue than ever before.

Myth #1: Martech is very expensive

This is entirely untrue, depending on the size of your business and your needs, most Martech solutions offer a scaleable package option so that your needs are aligned to the expense. For example, small businesses tend to have smaller databases than larger ones so Mailchimp offers cheaper packages for fewer contacts and this scales as your business grows. Many solutions also have free packages for those businesses starting out and getting familiar with Martech.

Myth #2: Martech is confusing and I need expert technical knowledge

Again, another falsehood that inhibits business owners from excelling with the right Martech tools for them. Most Martech is designed to be simple and easy to learn, most solutions also have dedicated Youtube channels filled with simple 5-minute tutorials to help you learn. There are so many solutions that if you find one platform too complex, you can simply move to another one and simplify your work life. It is critical to find what works for you to take advantage of various free trials and get acquainted with the options that suit. Modern marketing solutions are designed to work as simply as possible so that anyone can manage them, invest some time in tutorials and you'll be surprised what you can get done. Also, consider a consultation with a coach to get you up and running, sometimes we need a little support to get started and then we can take the training wheels off and manage everything ourselves.

Myth #3: Martech eats my time

On the contrary, a well-optimised stack will actually save you time. Imagine being able to copy-paste a landing page and just swap the text, 15-minute job that Wix allows you to do yourself. Rather than creating a brand new landing page from scratch or worse hiring a designer to create it for you at a premium taking up valuable time and money. Again, this comes down to choosing the right solutions for you and assessing which ones you need.


Unsure about where to go from here?

Here at Superlative we've worked with hundreds of businesses, just like yours. We specialise in helping them to take their business online and generate more revenue than ever before. Speak to us about Consulting and coaching, Web design and Marketing Strategy services or try our Courses and Workbooks to empower you and your staff to generate more revenue than ever before.

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